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our most common questions

  • How do I order?
    Orders can be placed via our website or email. Alternatively, we do have a sale section in our greenhouses at our home in Pretoria. Please note that the nursery is strictly open via appointment only. Feel free to contact us if you want to visits us.
  • How are my plants shipped?
    Small plants such as Sundews & Venus flytraps are carefully packed in their pots and sent via your preferred shipping method. For larger orders or plants we ship plants bare rooted (we carefully take the plants out of their existing pots and pack them) to save on weight and shipping costs. We use PostNet to PostNet or Aramax to ship our plants country wide!
  • I don't like buying online
    We understand that not everyone is comfortable buying items online, especially plants! Our nursery is open during trading hours via appointment. If you want to come and visit us please send an email and we will confirm a date and time with you. We accept cards and cash. Preferably send us a list of what you are interested in and we will put those plants aside for you. We do not have a dedicated sale section so this just make things a bit easier for us.
  • My plant needs help!
    If you are worried about your plant not growing as well as it should, feel free to send us a photo and description of your growing conditions and we will be happy to help you get you little monster back into shape. We love sharing our knowledge that we have gained over the years with each and every customer. This is not just a business this is our passion!
  • Are you interested in trading?
    Absolutely. We are always open for trades whether you have too many plants that you know what to do with or if you want to swop plants or seed. We are also avid collectors and are always on the lookout for new species plants or seed that we do not have. Send us an email and we can discuss a deal.
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